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    Why Amazon Marketing Matters

    The allure of Amazon is compelling for a lot of businesses, even Nike has announced that they would be opening their own storefront on Amazon. However, the marketplace is a highly competitive landscape that requires a lot from its sellers if you hope to stand out from the crowd. Unless you are one of the largest brands in the world, you need to make sure you are optimizing your products on the Amazon platform in order to rank higher in search results.

    Fortunately, our team at Exploit Digital MArketing has extensive knowledge and is ready to implement our strategies and help you scale your Amazon sales. From utilizing enhanced brand content to promoting your products across channels, our marketing agency can help take your e-commerce business to the next level.


    Account Management

    Our team of experts will manage the entirety of your Amazon ecosystem. This includes inventory and review management, unauthorized seller identification, vendor management, and your brand registry and store.

    Account Optimizations

    Your Amazon account requires continuous monitoring in order to remain effective. We will manage the optimization of your central content including creative assets, brand content, and managing Amazon algorithm changes.

    Cross Channel Integration & Promotion

    Our team will work with your marketing team to publicize your Amazon products and promotions across all of your active channels. This could include social media, email, and website content.

    Our Process

    STEP 1

    Identify Opportunities

    Using best practices and competitive analysis, our team will identify opportunities for optimization with your Amazon account. They will analyze your product and enhanced brand content as well as technical elements and inventory.


    STEP 2

    Implement Optimizations

    Next, we will begin to implement the strategic optimizations we have identified. This includes writing new copy, launching campaigns, and monitoring results to make further adjustments as needed.


    STEP 3

    Dominate the Marketplace

    As your Amazon account starts doing more of the work for you, you will begin to dominate your product category within the marketplace. Business growth will be inevitable.



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      What You Get From Our BlackBox Audit



      Our team will evaluate the current level of optimization on your Amazon pages. This includes content, brand registration, keywords, and compliance with the Terms of Service. This provides a baseline for our team to work from.


      Executive Strategy

      Whether or not you are already on Amazon, you will need to prove the value to your executive leadership team and achieve buy-in from all stakeholder. Our team will help you put together an executive strategy that will have them on your side.


      Conversion Rates

      Our team will identify any conversion issues on your Amazon page. Specifically, if you have a lot of traffic coming in with few conversions or if very little traffic is landing on your page.


      Strategic Roadmap

      The strategy for each product or type of consumer may not always be the same. We will evaluate what you currently have in place and develop a strategic plan specific to each product and consumer.



      Amazon Advertisements

      If you are running ads, we will look at their historical performance. Our team will then use this data to determine the changes that should be made to enhance results.

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      Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon Marketing

      What is an Amazon BlackBox audit?

      The Exploit Digital Marketing Amazon audit is a crucial step in our methodology. Our team will perform a comprehensive review of your current setup on Amazon in order to develop a deep understanding of the current state of your Amazon marketing strategy. Specific elements of evaluation include optimization, conversion rates, and advertising. We will then use these findings to develop a robust strategic plan that will help increase the effectiveness of your Amazon marketing and grow your business. This audit is complimentary and will point out current gaps and opportunities on the Amazon channel.

      What is Amazon SEO?

      Similar to the search engine optimization you implement on a standalone website, Amazon SEO is all about optimizing your listings in order to rank higher in the search results of users. However, because Amazon uses its own algorithm to determine rankings, the strategies you implement for on-site SEO will not be the same as those you need to use on Amazon. Unfortunately, many sellers don’t realize this. Power Digital’s team of Amazon experts can help you excel above the competition through a data-driven Amazon SEO strategy.

      Should I sell my products on Amazon?

      Amazon is obviously a noteworthy platform on which to sell your products. In theory, it could help you drive traffic and reach a wide audience of consumers specifically searching for what you can offer. However, competition, fees, and limited communication could make it a difficult platform for certain businesses. We can’t say for sure that it is the best fit for your brand or individual products without further evaluation. Sign up for your free Amazon audit today and our team will help you answer this question.


      What is 1P & 3P?

      Short for first-party and third-party, these each represent different data sets. First-party data is information you collect directly from your audience or potential customers. For example, subscription data, contact information, or social handles. Third-party data, on the other hand, refers to data that is collected by an entity without a direct relationship with the consumer. You typically obtain 3P data by purchasing it.

      What is Amazon Vendor Central?

      Amazon Vendor Central is the web interface used by manufacturers and distributors who act as suppliers selling directly to Amazon. If you are on Vendor Central, you are known as a first-party seller. However, registration on Vendor Central is by invitation only. This is in contract to Seller Central which is the interface used by brands or merchants to sell their own specific products directly to Amazon’s customers. Anyone can signup for Seller Central.


      What is enhanced brand content?

      Commonly referred to as the A+ tool, enhanced brand content (EBC) allow you to make adjustments to descriptions of your branded individual products. When you utilize this tool, you are able to describe the features of your product in a unique way by including a brand story, enhanced images, and additional text placements. Generally, we find that the use of EBC on your product detail pages results in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales.

      Does my product need to have a trademark for Amazon marketing?

      It is not so much your product that requires a trademark as it is your brand. In order to participate in Amazon’s recently updated Brand Registry, a valid trademark is necessary. And while this may sound like an inconvenience, it can actually help drive traffic and boost your performance on Amazon overall. One of the most important benefits the Brand Registry and trademarking offers is protection for your brand against hijackers, counterfeit products or people using your brand name or logo. We recommend that our clients participate.

      How does Amazon’s algorithm work?

      Amazon’s algorithm, known as A9, influences where your products appear for specific keywords or phrases on the Amazon search results page. Unfortunately, the algorithmic factors are not explicitly defined by Amazon. However, the A9 algorithm seems to rank specific products based on a number of direct and indirect factors. In general, sales performance history, text match relevancy, price, and product availability seem to most directly impact your product’s ranking. Although your fulfilment method, product reviews, and images, the use of EBC, advertising, and promotions seem to have an indirect impact as well.

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