Analytics & Optimisation

Set goals, measure your progress, report on results, and optimize for more leads and Happy customers resultify in more sales

Track Your ROI & ROAS And Double Down On What’s Working

This is where we set ourselves apart from the other agencies.

We go beyond stunning creative and clever headlines. We walk in your shoes, treat your money like it’s our money, keep track of what is and isn’t working, and do more of what works. We expect our work to make you substantially more money than you invest in us, and we’ll send regular reports to prove that we’re doing what we said we’d do.



We’ll dig into your analytics and social media platforms, make sure you’re tracking and targeting the right things, and report on how you’re performing. And if you don’t have social media platforms  and analytics set up, we’ll do that for you.


Once we know how you’re performing right now, we’ll work together to decide what success looks like across creative, media, and inbound and social media marketing.


Everything we do ties back to your business goals and bottom line. You’ll know how every ad, piece of creative, and marketing collateral we do for you is moving you towards your goals.


We’ll take the insights from our reports to learn what is and isn’t working and then optimize for even better results. This ongoing process of reporting and fine-tuning is a cost-effective way to get more leads and sales.

"Now more than ever, CMOs are being held to a higher standard of analytics. It's not enough to show the numbers, marketers must optimize the customer experience with the data to back it up"

What Analytics And Optimization Includes At Exploit Digital Marketing

Get complete transparency into how we impact leads quantity and quality, sales, and your ROI & ROAS


Work with us to set measurable goals for creative, ads, inbound and social media marketing, and more.


Get baseline reports to kick off our time together and ongoing progress reports to see how each campaign is performing and your ROI.


Avoid missing critical data by focusing only on the metrics that tie back to your KPIs.


Continue to get more leads and sales, and increase your ROI and ROAS when we optimize your strategy and campaigns based on learnings from reports.


Fine tune your current tracking system or let us set one up from scratch. You’ll have complete visibility into everything digital.