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    Why Content Matters

    We’ve all heard it before, content is king. But what is rarely said is that it can only rule if it is created in a way that connects with your audience. Your marketing team could generate thousands of pieces of content every day but if it is not compelling, relevant, and valuable to your audience, you won’t see any results.

    We at Exploit Digital Marketing have spent countless hours working with a variety of clients to perfect their content marketing strategy. And we have seen incredible results follow. Our team is ready to help you connect with your customers like never before by providing the quality content they want to see.


    Blog Post Creation

    Generating both long and short-form articles, our team will manage the entire blog content process from pitch to publishing. We have a team of established copywriters that can create content that will captivate your audience.


    Combining both creative and copy, infographics can be a quick way to communicate a lot of information to your customers. Our team will mine the data and use it to generate visually appealing and insightful infographics for your audience.

    Landing Pages

    The copy on your landing pages directly impacts your conversions. Our team will implement, test, and iterate variations until we find the most effective presentation.

    Sales Enablement Material

    Our team will provide compelling resources to your sales team that will help them close deals. From pitch decks to service summaries, we will make sure the customer is seeing consistent messaging that clearly articulates what you provide.

    Persona Development

    Creating customer personas will help you better understand the types of customers you are trying to reach. We will not only help you build out these profiles, but we’ll use them to develop the content that your target customers value.

    Interactive Content

    Interactive content acts as a tool to engage your audience and provides them with more information. From quizzes to calculators, our team will generate the content your customers want and need.

    Our Process

    STEP 1

    Content Strategy Development

    Our team will start by performing a competitive analysis, SEO keyword research, and identifying content gaps at various stages of your funnel. We will use this information to develop a content strategy that will add value to your customers and your business.


    STEP 2

    Implementation & Promotion

    Next, our copywriters will get to work on creating your content according to the strategy we’ve developed. Our team will manage the publication and promotion of content throughout this process to make sure the right eyes are seeing it.

    STEP 3

    Visibility & Results

    With valuable content circulating, the visibility of your brand will increase and customers will view you as a thought leader in your industry. As they seek out your content and trust your content, revenue will increase.



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    Creating content is more than just putting words on a page. Exploit Digital Marketing can help you generate powerful content that will connect with your customers.

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      What You Get From Our BlackBox Audit


      Existing Blog Content

      We have to know where we are starting from before we can make a change. Our team will review your existing content to determine how we move forward with your content strategy.


      Current Content Promotion

      Evaluating how you are currently promoting your content will provide context for other engagement metrics. We will look at where you are promoting and the results each platform is yielding.



      Competitive Analysis

      We will take a look at the types of content your competition is publishing and compare it to your own. This can help generate new ideas for additional content as well as identify any gaps within your own coverage.



      Conversion Points

      If you want your customers to convert, you have to give them the right opportunity. Our team will determine whether or not your content is supplemented with conversion points and how to strategically enhance their presence.



      Copy Objectives

      Our team will perform an in-depth analysis of the current objectives of your copy. We’ll examine whether your copy is speaking to the desired outcomes and needs of your customer, rather than simply trying to sell your product.


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      Frequently Asked Questions about Content

      What is a content BlackBox Audit?

      The Exploit Digital Marketing content audit is a crucial step in our methodology. Our team will perform a comprehensive review of all your current copy and promotions to develop a deep understanding of the current state of your content marketing strategy. Specific elements of evaluation include blog content, promotion techniques, competitive analysis, conversion points, and copy objectives. We will then use these findings to develop a robust strategic plan that will help increase the value of your content and grow your business.

      What is an infographic?

      An infographic is a visual representation of information, data or other knowledge. It is intended to present information quickly and clearly for easy comprehension. They also help improve cognition of complex information since utilizing graphics is known to enhance our ability to see patterns and trends. In marketing, this can be an invaluable tool in helping your consumers understand and digest complicated concepts. Infographics also lend themselves nicely to social sharing which increases the exposure of your brand.


      What is the difference between a long-form and short-form blog post?

      The most obvious difference between long-form and short-form blog posts are their length. A long-form post is typically at least 1,200 words. A short-form blog post, on the other hand, is generally about 700 to 800 words. These two types of blog posts serve different purposes. Long-form blogs are written for SEO value and to help improve rankings. Comparatively, short-form posts are written to increase engagement or for posting to social and email channels.


      What is a content calendar?

      Just as it sounds, a content calendar is a detailed plan of when you will produce and publish your content. An effective content calendar will save you time and energy while keeping you organized and on track. It also helps you avoid content gaps and ensures you are producing new material regularly. At Power Digital, we help our clients create content calendars that address specific customer personas and content clusters to ensure that our strategy is covering all aspects of your business.


      How does content marketing work?

      In its most basic form, content marketing is simply the practice of publishing editorial, graphics, and video to attract, inform and engage your target audience. The focus on content marketing is to offer your customers high-quality, targeted material that is both helpful and useful to them as opposed to pushing your products or services. Connecting with your customers in this way can help increase the trust they have in your business as well as brand recognition. More technically, generating content can also improve your SEO and generate high-quality leads.


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