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    Why CRO Matters

    Conversion rate optimization, or CRO as most of us know it, is a crucial marketing tactic that can help dramatically increase your business’ performance. Simply put, it is the process of enabling the visitors of your site to take action. Using design and specific elements on your website, you can eliminate the obstacles that prevent your customers from converting and help guide them towards making a purchase, booking a service, or whatever your ideal conversion is.

    At Exploit Digital Marketing, we work with our clients to evaluate their current site and develop a plan to optimize their overall online marketing strategy. Using sophisticated, research-backed techniques we are able to pinpoint exactly when things go wrong in your customer’s journey and make impactful adjustments. The results? An improved website that works for your business instead of against it.



    With heatmaps, we are able to identify where users have clicked on a page, how far they have scrolled down a page, and more. Using this information, our team can determine the specific elements of your website that may be leading to a drop in conversions.

    Analyze & Present

    We collect and analyze a variety of metrics, including heat mapping, and take a deep dive into the data to find meaningful trends and insights. This information is then presented to you alongside a plan of attack to address any issues and make an impact on your site.

    Test & Experiment

    This is the fun part! Our team will use the plan we developed to start making small yet impactful adjustments on your site and monitor the outcomes. Utilizing techniques such as A/B testing, our team is able to fine-tune our initial findings and deliver incredible results.

    Our Process

    STEP 1

    Analyze Current Site & Competitor’s Site

    Using best practices, combined with heat map and conversion data, our team starts by examining your entire site as well as that of your competitors. We will then analyze the data and metrics we collect to provide a more complete picture of current obstacles and possible solutions.

    STEP 2

    Implement Changes & Test

    Working from a customized plan, our team will then begin to implement the changes we have deemed necessary and monitor the results. Testing and experimenting with these changes allows us to fine tune what will work best for your unique site.

    STEP 3

    Conversion Rates Increase

    As your customers are more empowered to take action and easily convert on your site, your conversion rate will skyrocket and you will feel the impact on your bottom line. But our work is not done! We will continue to monitor your progress and make improvements to ensure your site’s optimal performance.


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      What You Get From Our BlackBox Audit


      Scroll Percentage

      Scroll percentage, or scroll depth, is one of the easiest ways to measure engagement on your site. If visitors are interested, they scroll. If they aren’t, they won’t.


      CTAs & Forms

      Clear calls to action and easy to complete forms are a huge part of CRO. If you ask your customer to input too much information they may decide it is not worth the time.



      Utilizing consistent and direct messaging helps your customer better understand what you are offering and why they should care. Clear communication is key if you are going to propel customers to your checkout.


      Mobile Optimization

      So many of your website’s visitors are using a mobile device. If your site is not prepared for this interaction, you could lose customers.


      Layout & Navigation

      Evaluating the layout of your site and navigational menu structure is crucial to eliminating obstacles for your customers. They can’t make a purchase if they can’t find what they are looking for. 


      Checkout Process

      You have done all the work to drive your customers to the checkout so don’t lose them at the last minute! Ensure that your checkout process is streamlined and easy to use in order to eliminate frustration or cart abandonment.


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      Frequently Asked Questions about CRO 1

      What tools do you use for CRO?

      We have a powerful suite of CRO tools that help us measure and evaluate the performance of your site. First, we start with Lucky Orange which provides dynamic heatmaps, session recordings, form analytics, and conversion funnels. This helps us visualize what is working on your site and what is not so we can develop a customized action plan. As we begin to implement and test changes, we rely on VWO for A/B testing and analysis tools. Continued use of these tools helps us to monitor progress on your site and ongoing improvements.

      What is a CRO BlackBox Audit?

      A CRO audit is a thorough examination of your website’s current metrics and performance when it comes to conversion rate and user behavior. We will start by developing a deep understanding of the unique goals for your website and business. Whether that is sales, registrations, or applications having clear goals is critical to CRO. With these goals in mind, we will identify all the relevant sources of data and pull them together for analysis. The results of this process will help us determine where and what improvements need to be made in order to increase conversions on your site.

      What is A/B (split) testing?

      A/B testing, or split testing as it is often called, is the process of comparing two versions of a website or content against each other in order to determine which one performs better. In essence, it is an experimental process to help us determine which decision will be more impactful to your customers. Such a comparison may be made between your current site and new versions or between two completely new versions. We can utilize A/B testing for content and messaging, design elements, or even the input fields on your forms. This type of testing allows us to fine-tune generally understood best practices to your specific website.

      What is a good conversion rate for my website?

      When it comes to conversion rates, the standard of good will vary depending on the type of website you run, your industry, and what your conversion actually is. Generally speaking, a strong conversion rate is usually upwards of 10%. But some industries or conversions are harder to be successful in so the average conversion rate is much lower while others are higher. At Power Digital, we have access to industry standards and know what a good conversion rate would be for each site we work with. As part of your CRO audit, we can tell you what your conversion rate currently is and what it should be.


      How many tests do you run at once?

      We technically have the ability to run multiple tests at the same time, but that isn’t always a best practice. For example, running two or three A/B tests at the same time could complicate the results and make it difficult to decipher which change actually had the strongest impact. However, running multiple tests at once allows us to evaluate changes quickly and see results faster. We work with each of our clients to evaluate the best option for their website based on our analysis of the improvements that need to be made. Working together, we will determine the best approach.

      What website elements do you A/B test?

      The list is truly endless when it comes to the elements you can A/B test on a website. Everything from design and user experience to the actual content and pricing models can be tested. Some of the most common things to test include fonts, colors, calls to action, the positioning of elements on the page, free trials, short versus long copy, videos, navigation, and form fields. When you work with Power Digital, we’ll use our team’s expertise to determine the tests that are most crucial for the success of your site. Then as we begin to see your conversion rate increase, we will move onto testing tertiary elements to fine-tune your site.

      How many visitors does a site need to run A/B tests?

      Unfortunately, there is no magic number that we can give you. Without getting too technical, the number of visitors needed depends on a calculation of what will be statistically significant. This calculation is done using your current conversion rate, the desired improvement, the number of combinations within the test (see above), your average number of daily visitors, and the percentage of visitors that will be included in the test. Sounds like a lot! Thankfully, when you work with Power Digital we take care of all that math for you.

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