How to get 134 new customers visit in a month and 5 surgeries booked Without Spending A fortune for less than 2700SEK (250 USD)Ad Spends.

How to get 134 new customers visit in a month and 5 surgeries booked Without Spending A fortune for less than 2700SEK (250 USD)Ad Spends.

In this article you’ll get the exact strategies we used to generate those results 

Ways to market better on Facebook & Instagram

Myths & Facts to market on social networks

And having a place where you can take your audiences and cold traffic and nurture them into your loyal customers.

Are you Ready?

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What’s a cold traffic?

 someone in need of your services but who isn’t familiar with you, your brand, your solution, or product and has never had Of you or your business services. 

In the Dental industry establishing your business authority figure across the social platforms requires a knowledge and understanding of your customers and use baits or offers that really matters to your services consumers! opt in and nurture that cold and warm traffic into daily and loyal customers.

Which baits or offers to use!

It depends on what it is you want in Your business the kind of goals and results you want and you’d like to achieve.

In this case our Dentist wanted to increase the Filling bookings & Implants among the company offered services in the clinic and let customers be aware of other services and opportunities going on in the clinic. 

Here is what we did 

We built and strategies a Facebook & Instagram campaign connected to the Dental Clinic Robot and integrate it with Facebook Messenger. All of that built for that particular campaign!

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Why built a clinic Robot?

In order to succeed! You need to have a place where you can take your customers after they’ve shown interest of your services and click on an Ad. 

A place where you can collect all your business necessary Data from the ideal customers and be able to stay in touch with them Nurture them into Loyals and get back to them whenever you’d like .

After all, Database (Ex: Email list, Bot Subscribers..etc) is a life blood of any business online without it, it’s an empty investment that lives nothing in return. 

Here is the competition offers!

A Free X-ray tooth examination and 10%OFF special discount card for the one who joins the Competition & visits the dental clinic.

We launched and run the campaign for 3 weeks 5 days and the results were tremendous! 627 new clinic Robot subscribers, 450 new mails! 134 new customers visit and 5 surgeries booked for less than 2000 SEK .A Massive Huge Return Of Investment and Return Of Advertisement Spends. 

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What made the campaign successful?

Research & preparations,Ad copy & settings, the right targeting and the clinic Robot was a major factor of the campaign success! Different questions and objections were answered by The clinic robot, educating customers about the clinic services, handling bookings as the clinic chat assistant as well as prompting customers to call and confirm book in appointment rather than the other way around!

Myths and Facts

Most dental social pages clinics go aheads and bang their heads off constantly boosting post because they’re focusing on the impressions route to once to get noticed in a NOISE social world and feel content firing money with no countable results – you already know.. if you do what everyone else is doing, then you’re going to get the result everyone else is getting..

Here are more in marketing on social network myths most people buy into..

MYTH #1:just boost a post and you will see results

FACT: Understand your target audience 

Their interest and cutter to their needs

MYTH #2:Just increase more budget and eventually people will know your business motive 

FACT: Have a clear goal and strategies in place 

Understand offers or baits to attract more clients Don’t use Hard-sell tactics that will scare away your Audiences

MYTH #3:It’s okey to have impressions then people will start interacting with your business brand and eventually make sales 

FACT:Have a place to take your traffic!And nature them into loyal customers Encourage comments and advocacy for your business Brand 

But This is not another “ how to ,to get a great results” guides that gives advices like go ahead and do this and I promise results .so it’s easy for you to understand 

instead this shows how great it is to have a focused Marketing Team that will show you all the way ,Plan Well and the value added ROI in each penny you invest in your marketing budget and how it grows your business goals and results wanted. And Analyse the value of each customer.

If you are ready to figure it out and Would you like results according to your goals and vision? Don’t hesitate to reach out here

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