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    Why PR Matters

    PR, more formally known as public relations, is the practice of developing relationships with media outlets in an effort to achieve placements or features in their publications. By being featured in such outlets, your company is able to gain some of the trust that publication has already built with their audience. This transference can be invaluable in developing both brand awareness and a positive reputation with the public and your potential customers.

    But PR is more nuanced than it sounds. Building these relationships, crafting a PR campaign, knowing how and when to reach out, and pitching it in a way each outlet will care about are all key steps in a successful PR strategy. At Exploit Digital Marketing, our team of PR experts has spent countless hours developing connections and best practices so that they can better serve our customers in all their public relations needs. From outreach to crisis communications, our team can manage it all.


    SEO Outreach

    The outreach required for effective SEO link building strategy is a time-consuming practice. Our team will manage the entire process from start to finish to enhance your organic visibility.

    Media Relations Campaign Development

    Exploit Digital Marketing PR experts will create media materials including targeted media lists by vertical, quarterly pitching calendars, and fact sheet development. In addition, we can manage press release creation and distribution

    Top Tier Outreach

    Having your products or services featured in relevant top tier media outlets can expose you to a large audience. But getting in touch with the right people can be difficult. Our team has developed contacts at these media companies so you don’t have to.

    Blogger Outreach

    With the sheer number of bloggers currently available, it can be difficult to decipher who will be most effective to work with. Our team can create a shortlist of bloggers to work with, manage outreach and negotiations, and measure all results for you.

    Broadcast (TV) Outreach

    In show business, it is all about who you know, and at Power Digital we know a lot of people. We will leverage our existing contacts and create new ones to ensure that your brand is featured on the right networks for your audience.

    Crisis Communications

    When things go wrong, communication is key, but that can be difficult when you are in the thick of it. Our team will help you create a crisis management and online communication strategy, as well as implement should it ever be needed.

    Our Process

    STEP 1

    Campaign Development

    These days you have to sell yourself if you want others to support your efforts. Our PR team will start by working with you to develop targeted outreach lists and pitch angles, and create materials that will help you close the deals you need to

    STEP 2


    Building the right relationships is key to public relations. The Exploit Digital Marketing team can leverage our existing relationships with journalists to get coverage in your target outlets, as well as develop new relationships with other outlets as required.


    STEP 3

    Coverage & Results

    All this hard work pays off when your brand secures great coverage on the world’s most trusted and viewed publications. You will get exponentially increased exposure, which helps you get more customers and make more money!



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      What You Get From Our BlackBox Audit


      Media Outlet Identification

      Not every top tier outlet will be the best fit for your product or company. Identifying the best media outlets for your unique brand ensures your outreach is effective.


      Story Angles

      The way you reach out is just as important as who you reach out to. In addition to pitching your product or service, you must provide different story angles that could be published on each specific outlet. This is not one size fits all content.


      Press Release Opportunities

      Sharing new developments within your company is an exciting time and can help entice new customers to give your products or services a look. By identifying these opportunities and distributing them online appropriately, you ensure that they are seen by the right audience.


      Event Opportunities

      Sponsoring an appropriate event can help display your products or services to a captive audience. Whether it is logo placement throughout the event or providing samples, events provide a unique PR opportunity for a brand.


      Analysis of Past Placements

      We can’t decide where to go unless we know where you have been. Evaluating the history of your placements will help us to develop a new PR strategy.


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      Frequently Asked Questions about PR

      What is a PR BlackBox Audit?

      The Exploit Digital Marketing PR audit is a crucial step in our methodology. Our team will perform a comprehensive review of all your previous outreach and placement efforts to gain a deeper understanding of your current PR strategy. Specific elements of evaluation include current media placements, story angles used, press release or event opportunities, and an analysis of previous placements. We will then use these findings to develop a robust strategic plan that will help increase the effectiveness of your outreach and grow your business.

      What is SEO outreach and link building?

      SEO (search engine optimization) outreach and link building is the process of creating backlinks on other sites in order to build your credibility. A backlink, also known as an inbound or incoming link, is created when another external website links to your site. Such links are particularly valuable for SEO because it helps to build a positive reputation for your website and its content. When many different sites link back to the same webpage or website, it allows search engines to infer that the content is worth linking to.

      What is a press release?

      A press release is generally a written statement or recorded communication directed at news media to announce something newsworthy. Such announcements could include merger or acquisition activity, new product releases, new office locations, and more! Knowing when and where to publish your press releases is much more complex than it sounds. Our team of PR specialists can help you identify these opportunities and make the most of them by developing an effective PR campaign and strategy. A press release can also be called a news release, media release, press statement, or video release depending on the medium being utilized.

      What is top tier outreach?

      Top tier outreach is the process of contacting well-known publications in an effort to have them feature, or place, your product, service, or company in a story. Such publications include Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The New York Times. Features in top tier publications are crucial to increasing your brand awareness and credibility. Connecting with these outlets requires in-depth knowledge of what they look for and how to pitch them. Thankfully, our team is well-versed in these practices and can leverage this knowledge to help you succeed.

      What is blogger outreach?

      Much like it sounds, blogger outreach is the practice of reaching out to bloggers with high follower counts in order to get them to backlink to your site or a feature article. But you can’t just reach out to any blogger. You will only want to reach out to those whose audience would find your product or service relevant and useful. Anything else would be a waste of time. This is not to be confused with influencer marketing, which is an entirely different practice.

      What is broadcast outreach?

      This is the process of reaching out to and pitching broadcast networks in regards to your product. Whether television or radio, such networks tend to reach a large and broad audience which can help your company gain invaluable exposure. Such outreach could result in a number of outcomes, including feature segments, product placements or brand mentions. Building these relationships, however, is difficult, which is why the Exploit Digital Marketing team has spent time doing so in order to help our customers gain access to the right peopl

      What is digital PR?

      Digital PR is the practice of networking with journalists, bloggers, and influencers in order to gain high-quality backlinks and social media mentions to improve SEO. Ultimately, this process helps to increase your online presence and drive more traffic to your website. However, it can be tedious and frustrating to build those relationships. Thankfully, the team at Power Digital has extensive networks that they leverage on behalf of our clients in order to achieve the best placements possible.

      How much does PR cost?

      At Exploit Digital Marketing, our strategies are customized based on the individual business and its unique needs and goals. So we can’t give you a specific number without first reviewing your current PR strategy. Use one of the forms above or below to request a FREE PR audit and we will review your current placements and outreach. From there, we can provide an estimated cost and plan for any changes that need to be made.

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