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    Why SEO Matters

    Search engine optimization is the practice of setting up certain elements on your website to make it easier for search engines, like Google, to find and evaluate the information available. By doing so, you increase the likelihood that your website will rank high on search result pages. At its most basic, SEO gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience as they are actively searching for information related to your products and services. Without it, you risk losing potential customers to your competitors simply because their website appears higher in search results than yours.

    At Power Digital Marketing, a San Diego SEO agency, we can help you improve your SEO marketing strategy and begin increasing the organic traffic to your site. As we work to evaluate your current standing and improve your ranking in search results, your business and online presence  will grow.

    On Page SEO

    Our SEO team will evaluate your current SEO strategy and make recommendations for improvements. This could include keyword research & targeting, page optimization, and content marketing.

    Technical SEO

    A key part of an SEO strategy is understanding how search engines crawl your site for information. Our SEO experts will update your site architecture and technical schemas to abide by best practices and increase your site’s credibility.

    Off Page SEO

    Search Engines also take the presence of your site on the broader internet when determining your rank. To help ensure you are building the right connections, our team will manage outreach for link building and cleanup.

    Our Process

    STEP 1


    Our team will start by analyzing the current technical setup of your site, noting any existing problems. They will also evaluate your backlink profile and competitive landscape in order to lay out an effective SEO roadmap.

    STEP 2


    Once we have a plan in place, our SEO experts will begin making adjustments to your site. Changes will include keyword research, content creation & optimization, technical cleanup, and link building.

    STEP 3


    With strong SEO in place both on and off your site, more and more traffic will find its way to you. And as you start bringing in FREE traffic to your site, you’ll start making (almost) free money.


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    Our team of Malmö Skåne SEO experts has years of experience in best practices and customizations that will change the way search engines view your website, helping you rank higher than ever before.

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      What You Get From Our BlackBox Audit



      Your metadata, e.g. title tags, meta descriptions, and headers, provide valuable information to search engines as they index your site. Our team of SEO experts will make sure the data you have coded into your site is optimized for results.



      Having the right frequency and quality of backlinks on your site can improve the domain authority of your entire website. A higher authority means better ranking on search engines. 



      Without high-quality content, there is no hope of ranking well on the search engines. But writing SEO-friendly content that is still readable by your audience can be tricky. Our marketing team will analyze your current content and remove duplicate content which could be damaging your ranking.



      Making adjustments to your technical SEO strategy can help search engine spiders crawl and index your site more effectively. This includes making updates to your robots.txt, XML sitemap, and schema.



      Utilizing strong keywords on your site makes it easier for your audience to find you. But they can’t just be any keywords, they must be relevant and appropriately indexed by search engines.

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      Additional SEO Services

      Local SEO

      Have a brick and mortar store? Make sure you are taking the right steps to help prospective customers find you.


      Generating high-quality content for your entire site can be costly and time-consuming. This service will handle all your content needs from blog posts to sales enablement material.

      Website Migration

      Have a brick and mortar store? Make sure you are taking the right steps to help prospective customers find you.

      Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

      What is an SEO BlackBox Audit?

      An SEO audit is a crucial step in the Exploit Digital Marketing methodology. Our team will conduct a comprehensive review of your entire SEO setup both on and off-site to develop a deep understanding of your current strategy. Specific elements of evaluation include current metadata, backlinks, content, technical setup, and keywords. We will then use these findings to develop a robust strategic plan that will help increase your ranking on search engines and start driving more traffic directly to your website.

      How long does SEO take?

      Unfortunately, SEO does not usually show an immediate impact. It takes time for search engines to update your site’s reputation and begin ranking it higher. Typically, you should begin to see results about 3 to 6 months after updates are made. However, the most impactful results won’t likely be seen until about 12 months after changes are made. That seems like a long time, but throughout that time period, you will notice increasingly positive changes in your metrics.

      What are SEO keywords?

      Simply put, SEO keywords are words or phrases which describe the content of your site and what it is about. Search engines, like Google, then use that information to determine if the content is relevant to a particular search query and how the page should rank in those searches. In essence, keywords are what gives a web page its search ranking. And as a result, they are what help people find your website.

      What are SEO backlinks?

      A backlink is also known as an inbound or incoming link and is created when another external website links to your site. Such links are particularly valuable for SEO because it helps to build a positive reputation for your website and its content. This is because the backlink acts as a signal to search engines that others find the content of your website to be valuable and credible. When many different sites link back to the same webpage or website, it allows search engines to infer that the content is worth linking to, and therefore also worth ranking higher on a search results page.

      What SEO tools do you use?

      When it comes to SEO there are a lot of tools available to increase the efficacy of your efforts. Our team of experts chooses to use a combination of best-in-class tools that provide us with invaluable data about our client’s sites. These include, Moz, SEMRush, AWR Cloud, and MarketMuse. Each tool provides our team with a unique set of data but together the entire stack paints a clear picture of any given website’s SEO strategy and any resulting changes. We can use these tools during an audit as well as after we have implemented changes to continuously monitor improvements.

      How much does SEO cost?

      At Exploit Digital Marketing, our strategies are customized based on the individual business and its unique needs and goals. So we can’t give you a specific number without first reviewing your site’s current SEO. Use one of the forms above or below to request a FREE SEO audit and we will review your current set up. From there, we can provide an estimated cost and plan for any changes that need to be made.

      What is Local SEO?

      If you have a brick and mortar store or products and services that are location-based, local SEO could be a game changer for your business. These strategies are adapted from broader SEO best practices and implemented with a specific locality in mind. Local SEO strategies include everything from claiming your business listing and ensuring its location appears in local searches on Google to managing online ratings, reviews, and local-centric social media engagement. These activities help to increase the visibility of your business in your local community.

      Is SEO worth it?

      Yes. Though it is an investment of both time and money, SEO is something you should implement sooner rather than later. Think of it as building an asset for your company and brand. You may not see immediate payouts as a result, but over time you will be glad you invested in the future growth of your business.

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      Request a Free SEO BlackBox Audit

      Our team of Malmö Skåne SEO experts has years of experience in best practices and customizations that will change the way search engines view your website, helping you rank higher than ever before.

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