Why are keen companies building smart Robot Lead Gen for their business services?

Why are keen companies building smart Robot Lead Gen for their business services?

Are you converting your homepage and social media traffic into bookings and daily customers?

Any good marketer knows that conversion rate is crucial to gauge whether your marketing efforts are doing great or just average. It’s a given that visitors who clicked on your website or social platforms and campaigns are interested in what you have to offer. It’s your job as a business owner to remove any obstacles a prospect might have when trying to purchase your offer or take your services.

If there’s one thing all business owners can agree on, it’s that you have to approach your customers in the places where they’re already hanging out.

One of the biggest obstacles that prospects face is that they don’t exactly know what they want or how to find it. 

This is where a Smart Robot lead generation comes in.Connected to the business website & social platforms bridged with Facebook Messenger < <Marketing Future>>

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Picture yourself walking into a car dealership for the first time. You’re in search for the perfect set of wheels and since it’s going to be your first car, you’re not really sure about what to buy.

Which of these two situations would likely convince you to make a purchase?

Scenario 1:

Salesman: Hi, I’m Sebastien. What’s your name? What brings you in today?

You: I’m here to buy my first car.

Salesman: What type of vehicle can I help you find today? Are you looking for a sedan, minivan, or SUV?

You: I would like to check out your sedans.

Salesman: That’s great! Are there any specific makes or models you are interested in?

You: I’m not really sure…

Salesman: What are the top 3 things you’d love to see in your new vehicle?

Scenario 2:

Salesman: Hi, can I help you?

You: I want to buy a car.

Salesman: Take a look around my desk is over there!

 approach me when you’ve found something you like. 

It’s pretty obvious that the chances of making a sale are higher in Scenario 1.

The car salesman greets you with enthusiasm. He begins to ask about what kind of vehicle you are looking for. After figuring out the type of car, he then narrows down the search by asking about the make or model, your budget plan, and any special features you want the vehicle to have. He also proceeds to explain the importance of the navigation system, blind spot detection, extended warranty plan, etc.

In Scenario 1, the salesman helps you feel more comfortable. He provides options and explains the things you do not understand. He wants you to know that he’s not just there to sell you a car, but to create a good relationship.

In Scenario 2, the salesman simply offers a quick greeting and leaves you alone. The problem with this is you won’t likely feel any attachment to that sales person. The lack of warm customer service will make you hesitate to ask questions. In the end, you’ll decide to move on to another establishment with no information gained.

Most business websites and social platforms offer this unguided type of experience that prospects feel in Scenario 2.

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Visitors are left to navigate on their own and find the information they need using drop-down menus to guide them. Unlike in physical stores, where a salesperson is there to help, web users have nobody in front of them to provide immediate solutions.

Businesses can now offer a better user experience through a smart robot lead generation that appear on web pages and social platforms and bridge the user with Facebook messenger where they normally have conversation. A Business Smart Robot that can pop-up at relevant pages on your website and assist visitors to find what they are looking for.on social media platforms it can handle conversation,competition,present business services,offers,discount,bookings, collect necessary data from a potential customer and more.And answer Just like a car salesperson, Robots ask relevant questions during the sales process until a prospect can decide on the product or service to spend their money on.

Compering Facebook messenger Marketing and Email marketing 

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The average open rate of emails is 22.87%, and a click through rate is 3.91% By comparison, Messenger blows that away with 85.73% open rates and the CTR (click-through rate)more than 10 times higher – 58.7% 

when a Smart Robot Lead gen is set up correctly, the conversion rate can increase significantly, even if you don’t have the most optimized website. It’s a great tool to help your customers convert. The best part? With the right Team It is E-A-S-Y to implement.

Conversations are an essential part of nearly all businesses — and depending on how you leverage those conversations, they could either be limiting your growth or accelerating it.

We’re going to be focusing on the latter today, but first let’s spend a moment on the former…

Conversations that limit your growth.

The average live chat operator can handle about six conversations at once. That means that for every six people asking questions on your website, you need another live chat operator.

60 people asking questions? You need 10 live chat operators.

600 people? Get 100 operators.

6,000 people? Yikes.

As you can see, these kinds of conversations can quickly become a bottleneck to business growth. And this is especially true if you have employees who are answering the same questions, providing the same information, and solving the same problems, day after day.

But fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem.

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Business Smart Robot Lead gen They’re called. And the great thing about Robot Lead gen is that as long as you have the answer to a question, you can use a Robot Lead Gen to provide that answer to as many people as you want—whether it’s 60 or 600 or 6,000.

And when you start using a Smart Robot Lead Gen to automate those repetitive conversations, you get much more efficient. You can start using conversations to actually GROW your business, instead of just using them to maintain the status quo.

This is called conversational growth.

The awesome thing about conversational growth is that it doesn’t JUST help your business to grow. It helps you to grow BETTER.

Because instead of blasting out the same impersonal message to more and more people, conversational marketing empowers you to build 1:1 relationships at scale.

This is really powerful because it allows you to make a huge number of customers feel heard, special, and unique…without allowing that relationship-building process to become a bottleneck in your business.

If there’s one thing all business owners can agree on, it’s that you have to approach your customers in the places where they’re already hanging out.

If your customers are sports-loving guys who watch ESPN and the NFL Channel, you wouldn’t advertise to them on HGTV and Lifetime, would you?

Of course not.

You’d put your ads on sports networks where your target market will see them.

There’s no denying the fact that we’re moving away from emails, SMS and phone calls. More and more we’re using mobile-friendly messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends, family, and even businesses.

It’s the quickest, easiest, and most convenient way to reach someone.

Why Smart Robot lead gen bridged with Messenger Marketing Is Growing So Fast

If there’s one thing that has always been true in business, it’s that companies tend to gravitate toward the communication channels that consumers are already using.

That just makes sense, right?

Back when people communicated through hand-written letters, direct mail was born. When phones became common, so did telemarketing. The rise of email led to the rise of email marketing.

And today?

Today people communicate on Messenger apps. And over the past few years, it’s fair to say the popularity of these apps has simply skyrocketed:

The steepness of that curve should tell you something: messaging apps have a naturally huge appeal. They’re too easy and intuitive not to use. The trend isn’t stopping anytime soon (Welcome to the Future). Check here examples of Smart Robot Lead Gen of different businesses

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